[TYPO3-core] Bypass version compatibility check in 6.2 extension manager

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Fri Nov 15 13:26:29 CET 2013


On 15-11-2013 12:15, bernd wilke wrote:
> Am 15.11.13 09:46, schrieb Jigal van Hemert:
>> Really, why would you install an extension and not its dependencies (it
> especially since there is no possibility to view extension-code on
> typo3.org this was my last way to inspect an extension 'before' going
> live/changing my DB

For some extensions and some versions there is the option to download a 
.zip file (instead of the t3x). I'm not sure what determines that this 
option is available, but I really would like to offer .zip files for all 
extensions in TER. That would be an easier way to inspect code, or even 
run your local diff tool against any previous version to inspect changes.
There is currently an issue with maintenance of TER, but once it gets 
resolved this is a feature that is probably welcomed by many people 
wanting to look at the extension before installing it.

>> This is a missing feature. Is there a forge issue for it?
> this is so obvious and mentioned in every discussion (with the hint
> 'this is developer-stuff') I have not searched in forge at all.

Still, as almost everybody knows, mailing lists are not the place to 
store feature requests and bug reports. They easily get forgotten, 
especially because there is plenty to fix/build and there is also plenty 
to forget quickly.

>>> showing no upload comments for each extension update requires a lot of
>>> work for every admin who has to update any extensions
>> If you click the update button you get an overview of the upload
>> comments in a confirmation message to update the extension.
> one of the hidden features. I'm very unhappy about these features you
> can use only if you know where to hover and wait/ which area to click,
> so there are no hints about links or eventhandlers

The icon which shows that there is a newer version available is a hidden 

> I for myself appreciated the overview with _all_ updateable extension
> with all versions and update comments _and_ the hint about changed files.
> it was a good base to document the update neccessary, before and after
> the update, in an installation.

It's a view that is useful for some people. This is typically an area 
for an extension to do good work. Maybe someone wants to write an 
extension that adds itself to the dropdown menu in EM and shows such an 

> improvement = restore old behaviour

Talking about hidden features, do you want the method to install a 
version other than the latest back in EM?
The reports of everything that was "wrong" in an extension (many of 
those checks were incorrect) lead to quite a few people being worried 
that there were things wrong with an extension.
The old EM was quite bad in terms of usability and the code was 
impossible to handle (all the stuff that was added over the years).

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