[TYPO3-core] Re: Automated performance tests

Michiel Roos michiel at maxserv.nl
Mon Nov 11 09:51:28 CET 2013


I'm working on the Integration part. I currently have a phing build script that can setup a TYPO3 Workbench for you. It will generate TYPO3 sites linked to the specified sources and seeded with the introduction package.

This will result in a list of test sites like so:
- 4.5.30.workbench.local
- 4.5.branch.workbench.local
- 4.7.15.workbench.local
- 4.7.branch.workbench.local
- 6.2.master.workbench.local
(or any other chosen domain suffix)

- generate configuration files for Apache and Nginx
- generate hosts file snippet for local installs
- add xhGui site for XHProf
- modify xhGui to trigger profiling run based on a cookie, just like with xDebug
- create browser extensions for the most popular browsers to easily enable and disable profiling
- add more options to build script for cleaning / resetting / removing installs

This will enable any developer with phing and a locally running webserver to create a large number of test sites with just ONE command.

XhGui will enable you to easily compare xhprof runs between different versions of TYPO3.

This will be great for extension developers. They can now easily test their extensions on a large number of systems.

E.T.A. : End of this week!


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