[TYPO3-core] Re: Re: Re: Re: Active Contributors, Core Team Meeting Nürnberg

Ernesto Baschny [cron] ernst at cron-it.de
Wed May 15 00:09:50 CEST 2013

Am 2013-05-14 10:09, schrieb Dmitry Dulepov:

> Oliver Hader wrote:
>> Sure, "Active Contributor" is different to prior "Core Team Member"
>> since it's based on activity and trust.

> The interesting fact is that I was trusted enough by Kasper to be
> invited to the team but I am not trusted enough by the current team
> leaders. Not surprising actually. I can see why.

I don't see where. First of all, you were the one who chose to be "on 
hold" some months ago (if I recall correctly). The new scheme does not 
change your position in any way, since if you obviously are still 
active, you are still an "active contributor" without any lost of rights 
and trust.

> I am not concerned much about the change. The only thing that matters
> for me is that I was brought to the team by Kasper. That invitation
> changed my whole life and determined my current career. Anything else
> besides his invitaion does not matter to me.

That was of course very important to you and you are very right to be 
proud of that. Noone will take that away.

But as you seem to recall that moment so well, you might also be able to 
put yourself in the position of the talented guys which were "left out" 
of the team before the restructuring, just because they weren't invited 
yet. There is no "Kasper" nowadays. But these guys are now officially 
part of the team. I was there on the meeting where this happend and I 
saw the boost of motivation and inspiration that came with this change.

This didn't only affected the "new guys", but also the "old guys" felt a 
kind of relieve that we finally had this long long discussed change 
being actually executed.

 > What I know now is that the old team is gone. There is no such team
 > anymore.

That's a bit over melodramatic, since the old team is still "part of the 
team", considering those who are still working on the CMS product. The 
"old guys" are still the most important asset of this group. They are of 
essential importance for the "new guys": as mentors, as role models to 
guide them in the path of "getting to be" an old guys themselves some day.

You also had your beginning so you might remember how it felt. We still 
appreciate and respect your opinions, your wise and sometimes direct 
criticisms. You are still being heard and you make a difference.

> There is a new era and I definitely do not belong there.
 > That's ok for me. Everything changes,
> it is time for me to change again too. This will be exciting :)

That's the spirit! I hope that you are still excited to be part of the 
team and that you are able to welcome and trust the "new guys" as much 
as people trusted you in these past years.


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