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Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Fri May 10 11:13:17 CEST 2013


On 10-5-2013 10:23, Alexander Opitz wrote:
>  > This is usually filled by the reporter to indicate which version they
>> found the issue. It is an important clue for the person who wants to
>> test/fix it where to start looking.
> Ok, so TYPO3 Version is lowest major version where it was found.

It's the version where the reporter found it. Many reports are filed by 
someone who has only one version available to test. They find something 
and set the TYPO3 version to indicate where *they* found it.
It can exist in earlier or later versions. That's for testers or devs to 
find out. It can be added in a comment that it was also found in version 

>> For bugs this is the lowest TYPO3 version where it will be fixed. It is
> Hmmm, sounds a bit complicated and I ask, as the number seems mostly not
> used. There are open bugs which shows to a released version.

Sometimes it's set because someone plans to include it in a release. 
Sometimes it's set because a RM likes to include it in a release. 
Sometimes it's set because someone is working on it, or the issue is 
under review.

> So if a fix goes into, say, 6.0.6 and will be backported to 4.5.27, to
> what should the Target version number be set? In bugzilla you have the
> possibility to set both, this helps on the roadmap page for users which
> won't taggle with git, to see what will happen in next release.

If it will go to 4.5.27 (it's a priority bug) then the Target Version 
should be set to 4.5.27.

> Ok, so I will update my closing message and add a hint to
> typo3.teams.bugs, should be fairly enough.

Just to be clear: the bugs list is meant for administration requests. If 
someone tested an issue and found it was a configuration issue, or an 
issue is a duplicate, but he/she doesn't have the right to close it then 
he/she can ask in this list. It's not meant to post information about 
the bug itself.

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