[TYPO3-core] Speed improvements in ClassLoader

Alexander Opitz alexander.opitz at netresearch.de
Sat Mar 30 12:36:38 CET 2013

Hi Steffen,

>> At the moment I use XDebug profiling
> Just having the XDebug extension installed, but deactivating all options
> slows your system down by about 30%...

I don't use XDebug while benchmarking I use it while profiling. Btw. if all 
instalations are running with XDebug,. all installations are slowed down and 
so they are compareable.

> So if you are "measuring" ab with on a 4.4 live system f.e. and compare
> it to a master with xdebug installed, your results are just wrong :)

My results are wrong? It may be that you are wrong, couse I've no 4.4 live 
system running. I've run all TYPO3 installations from 4.4 up to 6.1master on 
a testsystem, with PHP 5.2 for 4.4 and 5.4 for the others (thats why 4.4 
falls out of the comparisson as it might be faster with newer PHP versions).

> Please consider deinstalling xdebug (commenting out the include .so
> line) and run your tests again.
> You'll be impressed :)

The only thing I'm impressed is this message from you. Instead of helpfull 
things and notices some others wrote, your post is more about "degrading 
some others work".

Different users already wrote in the mailing list that TYPO3 CMS speed is 
lower from version to version. I only present numbers and one possible 
solution, as requested, so accept the fact.

By the way, as I need a new benchmarking system, I will setup following 

Amilo Pi 2515 with Intel Core2DUO T5250 with Arch Linux with PHP 5.4, 
MariaDB and PostgreSQL. I will try to set up Phoronix Testsuite[1] or 
something like that, so everybody can see the running config for a test and 
try the testprofile themself.

[1] http://www.phoronix-test-suite.com/

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