[TYPO3-core] Announcing TYPO3 CMS 6.1.0 Alpha1

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Fri Mar 15 01:01:12 CET 2013


On 03/14/2013 09:42 PM, Peter Russ wrote:
> First:
> Just wondering why typo3.org is still using the TYPO3 Professional
> version (4.5 LTS ;-)

t3.org is heavily varnish driven, together with a nice redis driven 
caching framework configuration (brought to the core by me). Performance 
of that site has little to do with the core version. Maybe someone 
writes a cool article about the internals of the site.

> MHO:
> Using hardware to accelerate design bugs is the wrong approach.
> If you can only fix it with hardware the design and concept is wrong.
> If there are 10 developer spending 20 days instead of 10 days who cares.

10 more days of 10 devs -> ~80k euros. 16git ram -> 100euros.
Throwing hardware at a problem is always the cheapest solution in the 
first place as soon as trivial code things are done.
Last week I've improved performance of an extension by factor 10 by 
using more lazy loading. Took me 15 minutes because the API is dead 
simple and fully transparent.
Every single server can already handle "most" usual enterprise use cases 
easily. If you start clustering it also doesn't matter if its 30 or 40 
frontend systems and I doubt you need to do that because of core 
bootstrap. In such cases core CPU time isn't a factor anyway, its your 
application on top that sucks CPU or db time and memory.

> In a production environment every cent counts.
> Optimize your code for the oldest hardware available.
> Than it will blow out everything on state of the art.

Cheap servers have minimum 16gigs mem nowadays. We should use that if it 
drastically reduces dev time and headaches.

> Wondering:
> As a so called CORE developer just wondering how you just disagree.
> Lost roots?

I for example dream of an application server in PHP that does the 
bootstrap alone and dispatches the actual request to childs. Would 
reduce core bootstrap time to zero. To achieve that, we need a clean, 
maintainable, understandable and extendable core.


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