[TYPO3-core] Announcing TYPO3 CMS 6.1.0 Alpha1

Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Thu Mar 14 21:42:59 CET 2013

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> Hey,
> On 03/14/2013 04:10 PM, Alexander Opitz wrote:
>> You don't need a big user scenario if the simplest task "Deliver my home
>> page as fast as possible" do not work.
>> As webmaster you don't try to clear your cache as often you can, so this
>> performance is only interesting on non_cached pages, but this should be
>> the lowest number of pages. There aren't much company pages outside
>> which have logins for users and so on.
> I disagree.
> Regards
> Christian
Just wondering why typo3.org is still using the TYPO3 Professional 
version (4.5 LTS ;-)

Do you remember the card game with cars?
If there is a Grand Cherokee 45 with 2.5 t, no additional sefaty and 
13l/100 km and on the other side
a Grand Cherokee 62 with 3.5 t, a lot of safety features and 10l/100 km 
which pricks?

Just comparing the numbers:
If there are 10 request/second or 1000 who cares.
The fact is that 4.5 has more horse power than 6.x.
Same effect we saw with Zend Framework: with every version it became 
slower. E.g. compared 1.1 and 1:10 by factor 10!

Frankly speaking:
IMHO TYPO3 6 is far beyond what I would call "enterprise ready".
Or how would you explain a procurement manager that he should double the 
servers when ordering the upgrade to version 6 ;-)

Using hardware to accelerate design bugs is the wrong approach.
If you can only fix it with hardware the design and concept is wrong.
If there are 10 developer spending 20 days instead of 10 days who cares.
If there are 100 000 agent loosing 15 min per day on 220 working days 
per year who pays?

My wish:
In a production environment every cent counts.
Optimize your code for the oldest hardware available.
Than it will blow out everything on state of the art.

Just to remind:
In former times MS was a good example for us, how it shouldn't work:
with each version it got worse. It always required latest hardware.
Version 6 of TYPO3 is evern worse than that: it has less features than 4.5.

As a so called CORE developer just wondering how you just disagree.
Lost roots?


Fiat lux! Docendo discimus.
uon GbR


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