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Karsten Dambekalns karsten at typo3.org
Fri Mar 8 15:53:55 CET 2013


On 08.03.2013, at 10:07, Ernesto Baschny <ernesto.baschny at typo3.org> wrote:
> Karsten said he is "looking forward tp the day I can drop those
> workarounds". Well, sorry to tell you: the solutions you are building
> now based on "latest stable" PHP 5.3 (or even 5.4) will probably look
> awkward as soon as we have new possibilities in PHP 5.5 or later in a
> couple of years.

Using new stuff and replacing awkward things by something better is not an issue. In fact, that is fun.

What I mean is code like this, which is "added for the past" only:

For me that is a huge difference. :)

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