[TYPO3-core] Supported browsers for the *backend*

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Tue Mar 5 16:50:45 CET 2013

Hello Philipp,

this could be a project for 6.2 or even 6.1!

That's why i always ask for a roadmap! -> If we have a roadmap, we can
also change such stuff easily, as we (even the small agencies) can
contact our customers regarding sponsoring etc.

I think the mobile ready question is often asked, so lets join forces
and do sth. great.
Perhaps this is also a chance to harmonize the GUI of NEOS and TYPO3 CMS!


Am 05.03.13 16:26, schrieb Philipp Gampe:
> Hi Christian,
> Christian Hennecke wrote:
>> Do you mean via Firefox's userContent.css? That would certainly help
>> developers but I don't think it's something that agencies can provide as
>> a solution. Customers want this to work in their standard browsers.
>> (We've even had requests to get the BE working on smartphones. *rolls
>> eyes*) The option you mentioned looks like a good idea to me.
> AFAIK you can include a custom CSS file as part of the skin. So you could 
> override the styles via a custom extension.
> What makes more trouble is the bad resizing behavior in Chrome (iOS?). This 
> makes it impossible to really work with on a mobile phone.
> I think tables are already big enough to not get problems, but I have not 
> tried yet.
> The re-skinning (in terms of technique) of the backend (e.g. by removing 
> ExtJS and using jQuery) and a mobile friendly "fluid" layout which is 
> responsive enough to work on all devices is a task for the agencies and not 
> so much for the individual contributors.
> At least I do not think that we currently have many contributors that really 
> want to create an HTML framework for the backend.
> Ingo played around with a backend skin based on bootstrap a year ago:
> https://github.com/ingorenner/typo3-bootstrap
> IMHO the bigger (or smaller) agencies should get the hands together and pay 
> a few coders to recreate the backend based on a responsive design.
> Best regards

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