[TYPO3-core] RFC: Cleanup & move Forge subprojects

Michael Stucki michael.stucki at typo3.org
Mon Mar 4 23:23:16 CET 2013

Hi Joey,

> 4.5: Modern Backend, Pimp Your TypoScript and TCA cleanup are finished

I archived all of them. They are not deleted, just not visible any more.

> 4.7: Grid Elements is close to be finished and will stay with TYPO3 < 6.0
> S.C.O.T.T.Y.  and subprojects are currently on hold - don't know exactly
> what the other leaders have planned but plans for S.C.O.T.T.Y. itself
> are still TBD.

OK, leaving these untouched.

> There is another project for Grid Elements 2.0, which is currently not
> related to any TYPO3 branch. Should actually be 6.1

Didn't touch this. Please contact the RM (Benni) for it.

> Since am not able to move or remove any of these projects, I would
> appreciate if someone could take care of that.

Thanks for your feedback!

Greetings, Michael

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