[TYPO3-core] OT: RFC 17978 -.... 30% performance drop without discussion

Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Mon Mar 4 12:45:10 CET 2013

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Absender: Philipp Gampe
Datum: 02.03.2013 11:01:
> Hi Alexander,
> Alexander Opitz wrote:
>> It is a short test, but after all, we still have a performance
>> regression. :-(
> 17%, but you will see that this is close to random +/- you get.
> [...]
> We can serialize the array, then it will be much faster to load, but I do
> not know about the current progress. Please ask Christian about this.
> The current change is the base to do any further work, because now we do not
> have to fear extensions that mess around with TCA in FE context.

Serialize static TCA may work. But I know extensions in enterprise 
environments (BE) making use of dynamicly changed TCA.
It might be helpful to discuss such items first.

jm2c. Peter.

Fiat lux! Docendo discimus.
uon GbR


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