[TYPO3-core] RFC: Integrate Doctrine2 into TYPO3 CMS

Michael Stucki michael.stucki at typo3.org
Mon Jan 28 00:20:53 CET 2013

Hi Tolleiv,

> The benefit to have a solid ORM layer in the core would be big, but at
> the same time this reads for me like rewriting tons of extremely
> important "enterprise" extensions like workspaces, l10nmgr,
> languagevisibility, ... to name a few. Somebody would have to take care
> of the record history / rollback handling and fully rewrite that too.
> Writing good and solid migration scripts would take very long and with
> the dropped support for "ext_upgrade" in the new EM, extensions wouldn't
> even have the chance to ship any migrations.

That's true, we should think about that for a minute. I would like to
have someone identify those consequences and their costs.

Right now it might look like a nice thing to implement this feature,
however if you consider all the consequences this will add, then you'd
probably better leave it...

> I'd suggest to not put that on the 6.x agenda for Core integration and
> rather think of it for 7.x or later versions. In general the effort
> seems very big ("integrating" it might be done fast but that's only the
> first 10% of the work) and without a proper general product agenda ...
> nevermind.

I like Christians suggestion to make this an optional add-on feature in
the beginning, so we can slowly make it grow in parallel to the existing
functionality. I see no problems with this approach, even if it fails.

> Why exactly did we start rewriting the entire system 7 years ago?

Extbase has a lot of features missing right now. Most of them will be
(or already have been) implemented in Flow. Having Doctrine2 in TYPO3
could allow us to reuse Flow instead of having to reimplement everything.

If this change will make Extbase forward-compatible with Flow again,
then that's a big reason to give it a try...

Greetings, Michael

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