[TYPO3-core] A-Badge for Extensions

Georg Ringer typo3 at ringerge.org
Wed Dec 18 12:40:08 CET 2013


Thanks for your efforts! Here are my comments

> It's not about code-quality (CGL, ...) but user-centric point of view
("its use in a website" and its "stability" over time)

Of course code quality should be also part of the rules as code quality
 - because I have never seen good results of extension which used bade
code quality
 - because users of extensions are not only integrators but also other
devs using the extension as base for their own work
 - because we got already metrics.typo3.org and that included in the TER
 - Code quality includes also UnitTests which are important as well to
be sure that the code does what is expected

> Security releases must not contain new features (=> patch release scheme)

maybe rephrase to "must follow the guidelines, especially the ones of
the security team"

What I completly miss are the benefits for the authors to achieve it. Ideas:
- Boosting in solr and extension manager's search
- highlighted in the results
- dedicated page on typo3.org
- ...


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