[TYPO3-core] A-Badge for Extensions

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Wed Dec 18 13:08:23 CET 2013


> Of course code quality should be also part of the rules as code quality
> because:
>  - because I have never seen good results of extension which used bade
> code quality
>  - because users of extensions are not only integrators but also other
> devs using the extension as base for their own work

good point.

>  - because we got already metrics.typo3.org and that included in the TER
> view

AFAIK it only integrates with projects on Forge, we should be fine with
other sources such as github or even private repo (as long as the
corresponding rules are covered)

>  - Code quality includes also UnitTests which are important as well to
> be sure that the code does what is expected

That's code quality, this could be to even increase the score but not a

>> Security releases must not contain new features (=> patch release scheme)
> maybe rephrase to "must follow the guidelines, especially the ones of
> the security team"

Fair, please adapt.

> What I completly miss are the benefits for the authors to achieve it. Ideas:
> - Boosting in solr and extension manager's search
> - highlighted in the results
> - dedicated page on typo3.org
> - ...

Yes, of course, good suggestions to already think about them, please
throw them at the beginning, in the intro.

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