[TYPO3-core] enablet to render record twice(duplicate rendering) [was: Re: Weird behaviour after a recent change in all supported versions]

Peter Niederlag peter.niederlag at typo3.org
Tue Oct 9 08:47:04 CEST 2012


On 08.10.2012 22:27, Loek Hilgersom wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> I'm not quite sure what the protection should do and what the
> limitations are right now. At the moment, you can select the same record
> more than once on a page, as long none of the earlier queries involved a
> sub-query.... I don't really see the logic of that. I suppose it's meant
> to stop recursion, but it stops a lot unproblematic queries.

The last time I ran into this afair I solved it by using an alias and/or
a join query. IIRC the problem is that the check looks for a unique
'table.uid'? I never used sub-queries in TYPO3 CMS yet.

> I think a huge improvement would be to unset the value of
> $GLOBALS['TSFE']->recordRegister[$originalRec] at the end of the
> function render in class tslib_content_Content. It still blocks the same
> record to be selected recursively, but it frees it up again for an
> entirely new, unrelated query on the same page.
> What do you think, would this break anything else? If not I'll make a
> patch.

As noted by JoH in one of the bug tracker issues, imho it should be
possible to toggle this feature("dont render on subsequent calls")
on/off. Default = on, but can be disabled via TS. And just do the
$GLOBALS['TSFE']->recordRegister[$originalRec] thing in case the check
is enabled.


Greets and hth,

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