[TYPO3-core] FYI - Real life TYPO3 CMS Leader meeting in Stuttgart

Oliver Hader oliver.hader at typo3.org
Tue Nov 20 15:02:39 CET 2012

Hi dear TYPO3 Developers,

we, that's Benni, Michael and me, who are the current (co-)leaders of
the TYPO3 CMS Core Team, are going to meet in real life in Stuttgart for
three days from November 23rd to 25th 2012.

We would like to inform you about the topics we have on our agenda and
thus to give you the possibility to hand in your topic and remarks as
well. We are (hopefully) going to work out concrete drafts and
to-do-lists for each of those topics.

So, this is the rough agenda:

1) Structure and working mode of the TYPO3 Core Team
   + Core Team Divisions (CMS, Neos, Flow) - What does that mean
     to us and how to interact on a meta (the TYPO3 Family) level?
   + Membership vs. Contributor Status - How to keep the possibility to
     response with responsibility, but still be flexible on extended
     permissions (merge rights, "karma") for changing active
   + How are sub-teams (Extbase, Workspaces, ...) controlled and
   + Channels of communication and regular team meetings - How about
     short reports and always be available outside of private Skype
     chats - e.g. IRC
   + Define responsibilities and how to make decisions on topics
   + Define leadership roles and processes to establish those roles
     (common voting procedure, fields of responsibility and interfaces)
   + Streamline/Create policies, behaviour and feature-sets of tools,
2) Interaction with other teams (e.g. security, usability, marketing)
3) Strategies for the next TYPO3 CMS releases
   + General focus-roadmap for the next three years to define special
     aspects for each release (e.g. stabilization, performance, user
     interface, best practise, etc.)
   + Finalize the LTS discussion and strategies
   + Interaction with TYPO3 Flow on the level of packages/components
   + Interaction with TYPO3 Neos on the level of user interface

Albeits there are only three major topics, there's already a lot that
needs to be discussed, streamlined and transformed to a concrete draft
of suggestions - one that we all might agree on after that meeting.

So, feel free to give your input and remarks - also on topics that are
not listed yet. But please keep it short and avoid to have new
side-discussions to the those main topics.

If you want to give feedback to something, you always can contact anyone
of us through private mail or Skype, unless you think that everyone
needs to be involved in the discussion.

Thanks in advance!

Oliver Hader
TYPO3 CMS Core Team Leader

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