[TYPO3-core] FYI - Real life TYPO3 CMS Leader meeting in Stuttgart

Benjamin Mack benni at typo3.org
Mon Nov 26 10:49:35 CET 2012

Hey all,

I want to give you a first insight on our TYPO3 CMS core leaders meeting
the last days. The results are evolutionary, not revolutionary :)

We will publish the whole protocol but want to discuss certain topics
inside the team, with other teams and with the T3A/EAB to see if it
isn't just complete nonsense what we made up.

1. Communication channels
We brainstormed over the current channels we use, possible other
channels but think that the communication about the TYPO3 CMS product is
way better than it was a couple of years ago. Transparency towards the
community, T3A and the non-TYPO3-world could still be better in some
ways. We identified a few changes that will improve the communication.

2. Current status of the team
We have a very good infrastructure to work with, and a lot of ideas
where to go. The lack of manpower is noted, but also we see a lot of
energy coming from Non-core-team members. Also, the jobs inside the Core
team are more than just reviewing, mainly being contact persons for
other teams.

3. Mission statement
With the TYPO3 family and the three products, we have different
responsibilities in the CMS Core team than 6 years ago. We are in the
process of refining our job descriptions.

4. Decision making
We found it important to discuss how we want to decide on topics. Our
main strategy goes like this: In the end, the CMS Core team is
responsible for the product TYPO3 CMS, thus needs to finally decide on
certain things. The community though is so much bigger than just us :).
That's why the CMS core team should decide topics in certain special
fields together with the respective teams (if it is about design, we
check with the design team and find the best solution together), and of
course with the other product teams. For T3A affairs we want to counsel
the EAB. These dialogues with the teams don't have to be on a regular
basis, but more when topics arise.

After all, we (the CMS Core team leaders) defined our rights and duties
again and will create a new poll for possible new leaders of our team
(not that we don't want to do it anymore, it's just to good to have a
majority behind the leadership) that will happen inside the team early
next year.

5. LTS strategy
You probably have all read the LTS strategy proposal in this list, and
thanks to your large feedback we modified our proposal and are currently
checking with the EAB to see if the modified version makes sense. I hope
you all are satisfied with the results.

All the best,

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