[TYPO3-core] Proposal for the upcoming Roadmap and LTS

Lukas Lukas
Wed Nov 7 10:25:19 CET 2012


>> We have roughly 60 active TYPO3 instances, all running the current 4.5
>> LTS. Every year, some instances are added. If we would be forced to
>> upgrade all these instances every 6 months, we would have to hire a
>> developer just for this task. And someone would have to pay him, which
>> -- in the end -- will be the customer.
> Please keep in mind that we're talking about "free software" - not 
> "free work". Having an LTS is quite some effort which has to be done 
> and doing this on a voluntary basis doesn't make it less effort and 
> takes away momentum from active voluntary contributors.

I'm absolutely aware of that fact. But in that case we would have to 
talk about the proportion of work being invested in new features vs. 
maintaining active versions. If TYPO3 calls itself a 'Enterprise level 
- Professional system', I call for a lifecycle which is longer than 18 

Personally, I would prefer an LTS version over a new stable version 
every 6 months. I don't see a need in that, because TYPO3 is not a 
product which has to invent new features in such a short time. 
Especially as it does not generate income through license fees.

> I assume you talk from an Assoc Gold Member perspective -

> so the question would be whether the work to support LTS could/should 
> be by the Assoc in some way.
I'm actually not aware of the detailed funding of core members. But in 
my opinion, the 'LTS or not' discussion should be held without the 
money in mind. If there is a strategic decision that there should be an 
LTS version, we would have to talk about the budget to maintain it.


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