[TYPO3-core] Mail from Kasper

Steffen Ritter info at steffen-ritter.net
Wed May 30 06:42:34 CEST 2012

Dear list,
Kasper asked me to forward the following message to you:

I'm working on a new website and wanted to download TYPO3 for it, the 
latest version. This lead me to what looks like a new typo3.org and 
release notes for version 4.7. Although it's a month ago or so it seems, 
I still want to tell you as the release manager and everyone who 
contributed that I'm proud of your continued dedication to TYPO3 and how 
you consistently manage to lift it up and onwards - as a group! I'm 
warmed deep inside and has infact been so with every of the previous 
releases as well - but now I felt like I had an occasion to express this 
to everyone involved during the last years. I'm really proud of you all! 
I feel you are taking TYPO3 to places I couldn't have done while doing 
it in my spirit. Cool.

Will you on my behalf forward these words of gratitude to the 
developers. Maybe I'll see some of you in Canada or Cambodia soon. Would 
be a pleasure!

kind regards

Steffen Ritter

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