[TYPO3-core] t3lib_utility_Mail::mail() not using SwiftMailer?

François Suter fsu-lists at cobweb.ch
Tue May 29 12:07:31 CEST 2012

Hi Ernesto,

Thanks for your explanations.

> Nevertheless Jigal made it possible, and our SwiftMail API "plugins"
> into the t3lib_utility_Mail::mail by implementing the hook
> "substituteMailDelivery" (see t3lib_mail_SwiftMailerAdapter).

Ah I had missed this flag. Rather ugly hack when the Core hooks itself, 
but I see the need ;-)

> In 4.7 this option was removed, thus every call to
> t3lib_utility_Mail::mail will go through SwiftMail.

I see.

> See my reply in thread "t3lib_utility_mail vs t3lib_mail?" from Tolleiv
> (4.1.2012, typo3.core) for my further thoughts about it.

OK, read that. It would indeed be good to have such simplified API.



Francois Suter
Cobweb Development Sarl - http://www.cobweb.ch

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