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Thu May 31 19:25:04 CEST 2012

and have the workspaces behave properly. However I have now wound up with a 
heavily patched TYPO3 installation where I would love to see that these 
patches get incorporated into the core instead.

I have had some very good help from Stefan Neufeind and Tolleiv Nietsch but 
still I am having a very hard time getting the patches through the approval 
process in Gerrit. Some of the patches are pending since January while not 
much has changed to the patch itself. These are three example patches that 
are pending for a very long time now:,, .

Hereby I would like to place a call for reviewers or advice on how to get 
the process on track again.


Bart Dubelaar

PS. I am crossposting this to typo3.teams.core due to the low activity in 

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