[TYPO3-core] Unit Tests are excuted automaically on every merge in master branch

Helmut Hummel helmut.hummel at typo3.org
Fri Jun 29 17:59:30 CEST 2012

Hi Andy,

Am 27.06.12 23:25, schrieb Andy Grunwald [wmdb]:

> In my opinion it could be useful to add the travis file to all supported
> branches. Not only the master branch.

Right. We must fix all tests first in order to be able to activate this 
for all branches (I'm not sure how the status of the tests is in other 
branches except master).

> Another big and cool step will be to support every Gerrit change (like
> Pull Request support from Github).

Right. But I'm not sure how we can implement this since all 
changes/foo/bar seem not to be real branches, this not mirrored to github.

> Really cool would be to support memcached and other cache backends.
> This would be cool.

Yes. That shouldn't be too hard actuall, since the testing environment 
is just an ubuntu, so we can install memcached and whatever else we need 
before executing the tests. It would be awseome to reduce the number of 
skipped tests to zero.

> Sorry, that i mentioned all this ideas.

No problem at all. If you have additional suggestions, just let me know.

> Thanks for your (Christian included(!) work!

You're very welcome :)

Thanks for your enthusiasm. That motivates a lot.

Kind regards,

Helmut Hummel
Release Manager TYPO3 6.0
TYPO3 Core Developer, TYPO3 Security Team Leader

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