[TYPO3-core] Minutes of the 6.0 release team meeting

Susanne Moog susanne.moog at typo3.org
Mon Jul 16 21:27:52 CEST 2012

Release Team Meeting

Benni Mack
Steffen Ritter
Jens Hoffmann
Susi Moog
Olly Hader
Xavier Perseguers

- Scribbles for Extension Manager clean (17.07.)

- Suggested Olly and Susi talk about console and dependency resolving
- Thomas Maroschik has a script for converting all classes into namespaces
-- compatibility is an issue
-- this topic has been topic during the Freiburg Code Sprint as well (a
separate article on that will be published soon) - results can be found
at https://github.com/tmaroschik/TYPO3.Zubrovka/commits/master

- there has been a discussion on the mailing list concerning
"deprecation strategy" of core components
- the problem is, that if users upgrade from LTS version to next LTS
version, there have been several releases in between that removed
deprecated methods

- concerning the deprecation strategy
-- create an overview of methods/functionality that have been deprecated
and removed
-- this information could be used to automatically check the status of
extensions by grepping for removed methods


- an addition to the deprecated methods could be the disposal of
__callStatic magic methods
- these "wrong" calls could then be forwarded to the correct class by
using the XML structure Susi suggested
- besides that, there could be an alternative extension in the TER that
"prolongs" the functionality of the removed methods (sounds strange, but
- [TODO] Will check status on new layout for Introduction Package 6.0
(since it's a possible impediment for a responsive version of the
Introduction Package)

List of pending major projects:
- Extension Manager
- localization handling (translation packs) will be placed to a separate
module - http://git.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Extensions/languagehandling.git
- TYPO3 Bootstrap - https://review.typo3.org/#/c/12519/ + wrapper -
functions (like initialize...) + hooks
- Extbase & Signal-Slot-Handling
-- file upload / file handling
-- recursive validation
-- widget context (request/controller)
- dependency resolver of extensions
- global categorization and make use of categories
- native disposal of storing date and datetime in database
- jQuery
- currently the plugin API (to register and load a jQuery custom plugin)
is missing
- if that is available, we can start migrating elderly
Prototype.js/Script.Aculo.Us code
- Workspaces performance and usability improvements
- Logging Framework
- Language Handling and simplify pages_language_overlay vs. pages handling

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