[TYPO3-core] More strict convention for typoscript naming

Philipp Gampe philipp.gampe at typo3.org
Fri Jul 13 23:46:16 CEST 2012

Hi Jigal van Hemert,

> - the old syntax is still supported, so no sites get updated and
> existing snippets still work
I already suggested to use an upgrade wizard (or any other migration tool) 
for this task. This are simple string replacements, because all keys are (or 
at least should be) unique.
Only extension TS might get corrupted, but I think we can handle that as 

> - the documentation uses the new syntax and Typoscript based on that
> starts to break in versions before 6.0 ... or...
> - the documentation mentions both syntaxes and people either use the old
> syntax to be backwards compatible (extension TS), start mixing things up
> or get seriously confused (thinking that TS in case insensitive)

A comment at the beginning of TS in 45min and TSref can clarify the case 
As the documentation has been move to text based reST and the rendering is 
much cheaper, we can think of branching the documentation into version 4 and 
version 6+.
It is an open question anyway of what do to with all those URLs that use v4 
inside as part of the path, e.g. the issue tracker.

> - snippets using the new syntax don't work in older versions of TYPO3;
> inexperienced users get confused

That might be an issue, but only 4.5 is supported for more than a year once 
TYPO3 6.0 is out.

> All in all confusion increases and consistency actually decreases.

IMHO only for a short time.

> Maybe the following could be the maximum we can achieve:
> - use new syntax format in <some-new-name> (a.k.a. Phoenix)
Already done.

> - use new syntax format for new objects/properties in TYPO3
IMHO that is a must have anyway.

If I followed the discussion correctly, then we pretty much agreed on 
@all Is that correct?

> BTW I really find it great that ideas like this are discussed in lists
> such as this one. Keep 'm coming!
+1  more brainstorming helps to find the best way to go.

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