[TYPO3-core] Was the deprecation policy followed for TYPO3 6.0?

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Wed Dec 5 15:47:00 CET 2012


there is / was a very nice proposal to "clean up" TER in a very smart
way (by only allowing to set "dependency maximum on latest TYPO3 CMS
version" etc). Jigal was involved as he summed the idea from the ECT
quite nicely some time ago. Jigal, could you post an update on that
matter? What's it's status?


Philipp Gampe schrieb am 05.12.2012 04:09:
> Hi Jigal,
> Jigal van Hemert wrote:
>> The sad truth is that not all extensions are updated in time for a new
>> release. Even though the removed functions were logged in the
>> deprecation log since TYPO3 4.6 there are many extensions which aren't
>> updated.
>> After the functions are finally removed (and fatal errors occur) part of
>> those extensions are updated with a new release. Other extensions are
>> not updated and could be regarded as "abandoned".
> Maybe we should intense the plan to automatically scan the TER and set 
> extension to "obsolete" after grace period and of course mail the authors.
> E.g. there authors could be notified after each beta and RC release and the 
> we could set the max version flag around release.
> Trouble arises for all extensions that still need to support older versions 
> and use conditions to only call certain functions in old releases.
> Cheers

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