[TYPO3-core] TYPO3 CMS 6.2+1

Steffen Ritter info at steffen-ritter.net
Tue Dec 4 09:56:19 CET 2012

Hi Tolleiv,
thanks for your input.

 > What I suggest is that the Core team finds a way to move the focus 
more and more to Neos

In an OpenSource World you cannot tell people on which products they 
should focus on. If you feel like Neos needs your Developers support, go 
and invest your time in that project.

I would assumce, that the people currently actively contributing to the 
CMS Core just aren't interested in working with or for Neos.
I even presume some of them never played with Flow or Neos. And no one 
can force them, too.

The People interested in the other products concentrate on them (see 
Team building discussion internally). That's natural course.

In addition, I think you need a certain base in an software product to 
increase contributors - in the beginning you have way to much cross 
cutting concerns and things you everyones work might effect others.
We reached that point with Flow - but I don't see that for Neos yet.

And finally I think in OpenSource "new stuff" is added by people using 
it and having a need for it in a reallife project - not because you tell 
a developer that it would be neat.

 > So what are you plans?
My personal plan: I will monitor, use and play around with the new 
products - and as soon as I develope sth. for the new products, I for 
sure will contribute it.
Furthermore I always will evaluate which product fits best for the needs 
of a project and choose accordingly.
Therefore I will be contributing to every product until I do not need 
one or the other anymore...

 From my current experience CMS won't be out of scope for a long time. 
But customers have needs today and aggressive competitors are around, 
too. But if cannot fulfil markets expectation now, with the current 
system, the new one can become as fancy possible - no one will care for 
TYPO3 anymore...



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