[TYPO3-core] TYPO3 CMS 6.2+1

Tolleiv Nietsch tolleiv.nietsch at typo3.org
Mon Dec 3 10:02:31 CET 2012


as we had some discussions alongside with the LTS topic, I was wondering
what our community expects from the future and as everybody should bring
up their suggestions, here's what I have in my mind for the 6.2+n releases.

What I suggest is that the Core team finds a way to move the focus more
and more to Neos and that at some point TYPO3 CMS should switch into a
maintenance mode where new features aren't added in new CMS releases and
where we stop to rewrite the old modules etc. For me 6.2+1 would be a
good fit for that, especially with the to be announced LTS versions.

I know that this might not be a too popular suggestion atm. and I agree
that this carries some risk. But from my perspective we can't keep
waiting for a final Neos release to consider the product switch. We
enthusiasts should be proactive and push what we think is best for the

The suggestion also doesn't say that we can't have new features in TYPO3
CMS, at some point we might even need them to make the transition easier
(Namespace support as example) - but I suggest that 6.2+1 releases
should be announced as maintenance releases to make sure nobody expects
anything more from them.

You might argue that Neos lacks some features and that you can't use it
right away for your agency, but that's why we have TYPO3 CMS still
available and maintained until >2018. I also know that everybody is
already free to choose teams - but some people moving back and forth
between the teams is nothing which is very visible to the community, a
proper public *futureplan*-announcement will make it visible to the
entire community and will make sure that others know how to plan with
TYPO3 in the future.

So what are you plans?

Tolleiv Nietsch
TYPO3 Core Developer

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