[TYPO3-core] Backportable issues for older branches

Wouter Wolters mail at wouterwolters.nl
Sun Aug 19 23:07:20 CEST 2012

Hi core-devs and other devs,

Today I went through all open issues that were marked to be backported 
to older branches at the typo3-merges script [1].

Some of these issues are not valid anymore for older branches or are 
merged already but not recognized by the script(for various reasons). So 
I did a few pull-requests at GitHub to make the TODO list as small as 

Most of the pull-request are merged now, thanks Ernesto:-)

For 3 issues I did not succeed to push a patch or find out what needs to 
be done to get the complete list on Gerrit.

For 4.6 and 4.5:
[BUGFIX] Set currentVal in 2nd rendering loop of IMGTEXT

For 4.5:
[BUGFIX] Improve hook in Admin Panel

[BUGFIX] EM: Popup window not scrollable

For the submodules linkvalidator, workspaces and version I pushed all 
backports. And a pull request is waiting to get the last TODO for 
workspaces marked as given up (it's a feature).

I hope someone can have a look to get those last 3 issues added to 
Gerrit or marked as given up.

Kinds regards,

Wouter Wolters

[1] http://www.typo3-anbieter.de/typo3-merges/

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