[TYPO3-core] Problem with forge/gerrit?

Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Wed Nov 16 21:41:11 CET 2011

Hi Markus,

> Ok, then it was not my fault. ;-)
Yes.. but it's funny - i never noticed this.. and somehow I think it's 

> But instead of fixing this in the code I'd propose the following:
> - A ticket can be marked as resolved if, and only if, all patches for all assigned branches were merged. (This will also prevent that older branches are forgotten.)
*very* good point!
I never knew how the communication between Gerrit and Redmine really 
works. We had to figure that out on our own (with the CI team), as the 
people who know it did not want to tell us..
So this would require some bigger changes, but yes, that would be really 
worth the effort, I guess. I cannot promise, when I or sb. else finds 
time, but I will file an issue in the tracker.

> - Add a rule to the Wiki (or wherever) that requires the person, who backports a merged change, to add all reviewers to the backport change sets that gave a +1 on the merged patch set.
>   (This should help to get those patches faster through the reviewing process, as these persons are already familiar with the change.)
also sounds good

Kind regards

Steffen Gebert
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