[TYPO3-core] Reviews

Steffen Kamper info at sk-typo3.de
Tue Mar 15 11:00:45 CET 2011


Am 15.03.2011 10:53, schrieb Karsten Dambekalns:

>>> git pull
>>> git checkout master
>>> git fetch git://git.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Core refs/changes/70/1170/1&&  git
>>>   checkout FETCH_HEAD
>>> git checkout -b rfc/master/17935
>> Notice the difference with previous SVN testing?
> Well, the first two are useless when using the "checkout" command from Gerrit. The last is not needed for testing, only if you want to adjust a change you need it. For simple testing, do this:

sure - i do that only to be in sync, indeed nothing needed for testing.

The branch create - i prefer to do so all the time. This give me the 
chance to
 >>git checkout master
to get rid of the changes, and later i can switch back to see the 
changes again. For quick testing it's not needed, but a good way if you 
get disturbed and have to continue with other things.

>> Besides testing patches I'm also trying to device a wrapper around Zeta Components graphics routines which we can use in v4 and v5.
> Go, go, go! :)

what's that about?

vg Steffen

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