[TYPO3-core] Gerrit Workflow with changing patchsets

Nicolas de Haen typo3 at ndh-websolutions.de
Thu Jul 28 12:21:22 CEST 2011

> Does your second change-request really depend on the first one, or is
> this just something that "happend by accident"?

Well since the extension builder is a small project (compared to TYPO3 
core) it happens more often that the changes really depend on each other.

on one hand it's a good practice to split bigger commits in multiple 
parts, since it's easier to review, on the other hand it might be 
annoying to update all dependant changes after pushing a patchset to a 
preceeding commit.

Maybe it's easier if I'm more used to it...

> P.S.: I'll be on holiday in good ol' "p.broens home country" for the
> next two weeks, so probably no further mail during that time from me.

Ok, have a good time and thanks again.


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