[TYPO3-core] RFC: #12613: Wrong character encoding in cache tables breaks frontend rendering

Vladimir Podkovanov admin at sitesfactory.ru
Thu Dec 17 16:35:19 CET 2009

Oliver Hader wrote:

> The caching framework changes don't required changes since the content
> to be cached is serialized again before writing to the database what
> works around the problem we have here.
> Concerning the cache_pages.HTML field, I confirm and agree that it has
> to be a BLOB type as well.
> Find attached a modified patch that does not change the caching
> framework tables anymore.
> When committing these changes, please use the new summary of this issue:
> "Wrong character encoding in cache tables breaks frontend rendering"
> +1 by reading and testing
> olly

IMHO caching framework tables should be converted to BLOB too. I 
experience the same bug there then I try to use pdf_generator2 
extension. It is generates pdf page and stores content in page's cache.

But if DB uses utf-8 then your data getting truncated after first symbol 
which is not in utf-8 (pdf_generator2 is not using utf-8 for encoding).

So even serializing in framework does not help here thus same fix 
needed. Really as I see serializing doesn't change encoding so it is not 
relevant to bug.


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