[TYPO3-core] RFC: Bug 1537: shortcut icon syntax incorrect/incomplete

Martin Kutschker martin.kutschker-n0spam at no5pam-blackbox.net
Sun May 20 11:52:03 CEST 2007

Ingo Renner schrieb:
> Am 20.05.2007 um 10:43 schrieb Martin Kutschker:
> Hi Masi,
>> mime_content_type() is deprecated and TYPO3 has already mime type
>> guessing routines, although not in t3lib_div. It is not present in my
>> 5.5.2 (testes with the CLI version).
> this is exactly the problem I see. There's a method in t3lib_htmlmail, 
> how about moving it to t3lib_div and changing the one in htmlmail to be 
> a wrapper/pointer to the moved one in t3lib_div?

Yes, if it makes sense.

> BTW: Did you mean the method in htmlmail or do you know of another one?

Yes. I think there was a dupe in t3lib_formmail but this has been 
eliminated (using the code from the base class),.

>> Anyway if you think we should add the mime type we must provide a
>> fallback - at least for .ico files.
> If the webserver is configured properly this shouldn't be needed as it 
> then would return image/x-icon like recommended...

But why bother changing the code then? If I add a .jpg the server is 
more likely to send a correct mime header..


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