[TYPO3-core] RFC: #6995 Context Senstitive Help text should be displayed faster

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Fri Dec 28 10:31:27 CET 2007

Hi Christoph,

thanks for the nice follow-up and your detailed work on our comments!

I just noticed a "new" XHTML conformity problem with the presented
solution, which I wasn't aware when I suggested changing the SPAN with a
DIV. We will always need to nest some block elements inside a <A> tag.
So no matter how we turn it, we will end up with either:

a) A>DIV>P   or

In a) the illegal part is A>DIV. In b) the SPAN>P is illegal. While this
is just a validation issue, I think it is important that we ship valid
XHTML in new code we produce.

Since we need the :hover to apply to sub-elements, the only solution I
see here is to create something like:

1) A>SPAN.typo3-csh-inline>SPAN.header   (instead of H4)
2) A>SPAN.typo3-csh-inline>SPAN.paragraph  (instead of P)

meaning we have to render the CSH differently for this purpose. I think
this can be done in function helpText (e.g. new parameter "$inlineTags =

Apart from that, the CSS needs a bit "cleanup". You currently have:

A.typo3-csh-link { white-space: normal; }
A.typo3-csh-link div, A.typo3-csh-link a.typo3-csh-more { display: none; }
A.typo3-csh-link:hover div, A.typo3-csh-link:hover span a { display:
block; }
A.typo3-csh-link:hover div { position: absolute; margin: 0px 0 0 17px;
background: #ffffff; border: 1px solid #555; width: 200px; z-index: 100; }
A.typo3-csh-link:hover h4, A.typo3-csh-link:hover p { margin-top: 0;
padding: 2px 5px; }
A.typo3-csh-link:hover p { font-weight: normal; }

My suggestion:

A.typo3-csh-link { white-space: normal; }
A.typo3-csh-link DIV.typo3-csh-inline { display: none; }
A.typo3-csh-link:hover DIV.typo3-csh-inline { display: block; }
A.typo3-csh-link DIV.typo3-csh-inline { position: absolute; margin: 0px
0 0 17px; background: #ffffff; border: 1px solid #555; width: 200px;
z-index: 100; }
A.typo3-csh-link DIV.typo3-csh-inline H4, A.typo3-csh-link
DIV.typo3-csh-inline P { margin-top: 0; padding: 2px 5px; }

- tags in UPPER case
- remove obsolete or unused stuff (.typo3-csh-more? span a?)
- let the browser render everything in the DIV correctly from start and
only switch the display:hidden to block on the :hover event).

Remark: This doesn't work on IE6, but I guess this is not really that
important as it is only a cosmetical new feature.


Christoph Lindenmueller wrote: on 28.12.2007 02:31:
> Hey Guys,
> this is a new patch fixing the problems I got from the List feedback,
> thanks for your tips. Kept CSS only solution for now.
> Changes to previous Version:
> [Steffen Kamper]
>> when i move over help in left frame, frame is resized to double
> Could not reproduce this. But OK if the new backend.php is on.
> [Dimitry]
> * "see also" arrow displayed now
> * API & functionality unchanged $force=0 in
> function helpTextIcon($table,$field,$BACK_PATH,$force=0)   
> [Ernesto Baschny]
> * <span> is now a <div>
> * forceCharSet utf-8 ok
> * no tooltip if edit_showFieldHelp to "text"
> Tested Browsers:
> Ubuntu Firefox 2
> WinXP Firefox 2, IE 7
> Charsets: forceCharSet utf-8, forceCharSet = ''
> Backend: alt_main.php, backend.php
> Greetings,
> Christoph Lindenmüller

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