[TYPO3-core] RFC: #6995 Context Senstitive Help text should be displayed faster

Christoph Lindenmueller christoph at xnos.de
Fri Dec 28 02:31:12 CET 2007

Hey Guys,

this is a new patch fixing the problems I got from the List feedback, 
thanks for your tips. Kept CSS only solution for now.

Changes to previous Version:

[Steffen Kamper]
 > when i move over help in left frame, frame is resized to double
Could not reproduce this. But OK if the new backend.php is on.

* "see also" arrow displayed now
* API & functionality unchanged $force=0 in
function helpTextIcon($table,$field,$BACK_PATH,$force=0)	

[Ernesto Baschny]
* <span> is now a <div>
* forceCharSet utf-8 ok
* no tooltip if edit_showFieldHelp to "text"

Tested Browsers:
Ubuntu Firefox 2
WinXP Firefox 2, IE 7

Charsets: forceCharSet utf-8, forceCharSet = ''
Backend: alt_main.php, backend.php


Christoph Lindenmüller

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