[TYPO3-core] Planning 4.2 Alpha 3: End of December

Ingmar Schlecht ingmar at typo3.org
Tue Dec 18 22:49:16 CET 2007

Hi guys,

FYI, Ingo has decided that we will have another Alpha release of TYPO3
4.2 at the end of December.

That will be the last Alpha release, with the Beta + Feature Freeze to
follow about three weeks later.

So the plan now looks roughly like this:

 - Alpha 3 end of December
 - Beta 1 (= Feature Freeze) mid to end of January
   * Bugfixing: 3 weeks beta phase with possibly frequent beta releases
 - RC1 mid February (should be bug free and a real release candidate)
 - final end of February

Looking forward to a great release!


Ingmar Schlecht
TYPO3 Association Active Member

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