[TYPO3-core] RFC: Multimedia in "Text w. Image" / Feature #6840

Benjamin Mack mack at xnos.org
Fri Dec 7 10:25:15 CET 2007


the problem I have with this patch is:

* Why do we need this? The thing is called "Text w/ Image" but this is 
totally unintuitive that you can use "Multimedia" as an image as well. 
So maybe we should think about a different name "Text w/ Image or Video" 
or so, but I don't like that either.

So, ok. I see the benefits of using Text w/ Image with Multimedia 
objects (I mean, we now can move it inline in the nice right upper 
corner of a text), but if this is possible, it means we could also use 
the "Images" CType to use Multimedia as well to have a general "Images 
and Media" field.
This raises the question why there's a Multimedia CType but we shouldn't 
use it since there are better things out there now ("Text /w Image and 
Video" ;-)). This is the same issue with the "Table" element since I 
tell my editors to use the RTE for this too as it is more flexible.

Therefore I propose to either find a good solution to bring Multimedia 
back in the game or set the "Multimedia" object to deprecated and remove 
it with 4.4 (or earlier if there is a good upgrade-path to move this 
CType to the TER).

My two cents... hope they were clear!

Martin Kutschker wrote:
> Bernhard Kraft schrieb:
>> Hi !
>> This is an SVN patch request.
>> Branches: Trunk only
>> Bugtracker Reference:
>> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=6840
>> Feature:
>> Currently you can only place "real" images into a "Text w. Image" or 
>> "Images"
>> content element. When applying the below patch (and set "multimediaTextpic"
>> in Install Tool) you will be able to upload SWF, AVI, etc. files to an
>> text-pic element.
> Why do we need that setting? Isn't it enough to modify the list of 
> allowed extensions in the setup?
>> Note that in the case you are going to use a multimedia element the fields
>> "Imagewidth" and "Imageheight" become mandatory !!!
> You don't enforce this in the patch.
>> Solution:
>> I added the required file-extensions to tt_content TCA, modified css-styled
>> content so those multimedia files get rendered via the "MULTIMEDIA" 
>> cObject.
> Sound nice but the MULTIMEDIA object sucks ;-)
> Other questions:
> Does it work without CSC? I see only a path for it's TS.
> Can $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['GFX']['multimediafile_ext'] somehow be 
> used in the TS? Maybe as a constant?
> Masi
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