[TYPO3-core] RFC: new function loadTcaAdditions in t3lib_div

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Wed Oct 18 11:04:59 CEST 2006

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Franz Holzinger wrote:

> Well, certainly some extensions having additional code in ext_tables.php
> would not run any more. However I think that is the extension author's
> fault and a misuse of ext_tables.php. He could easily move his
> configuration code into ext_localconf.php as well.

Yes. This would also be my point.

I have an extension myself which sets the 'ctrl' section of a table differently
based on what a User selected in the EM "configuration screen" of an extension.
An example would be that you can use ext_conf_template.txt settings to define
the sorting of your table upon installation ... or other nice things.

I do not know if this is the intention of ext_tables.php - i mean there is a
tca.php and this one is explicitly called "dynamicConfigFile" (as key in
ext_tables.php) - so this one must be able to contain code ... but I do not know
if this should be also true for the ext_tables.php - i personally like it that I
can place code into the ext_tables.php

and you should notice that currently new fields get added to a table using code like:

*1: t3lib_extMgm::addToAllTCAtypes('pages','htmlheader', '2', 'after:description');

So new fields get added using code (t3lib_extMgm::addToAllTCAtypes) and this should
imply that ext_tables.php "can" contain code.

So serializing should only be an option ...

In my opinion the concatenation of all ext_tables.php files (the cached ext_tables.php
file) can only get loaded at once so all extensions have to possibility to add fields.

But if one knows that "his" installation uses no fancy extensions - or knows which one
are fancy extension(tables) - then we could give him the option (via the Install Tool)
to write a serialized TCA array of each table instead of one huge
temp_CACHED_xxxxx_ext_tables.php file ...

But I would not make this the default - at least not currently. I would add it as an
option in the somewhere in the Install Tool ("Serialized TCA Tables") and allow an
integer value 0/1 which enables none/complete caching in serialized arrays or a list
of table-names which shall not get serialized.

When one of the not-serialized tables get's requested via the method Franz wants to
introduce then you will have to load the temp_CACHED_ file ...

One question: Did you intend to cache the "complete" TCA for a table (so also the part
contained in tca.php) or only the 'ctrl' section from ext_tables.php - so do you still
want to load the tca.php dynamically ?

PS: We should (at some time) split the install tool from the current "sections" into
"Tabs" - i guess that would be far more easier for navigation ...

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