[TYPO3-core] SVN F#%&up

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Mon Dec 4 12:46:57 CET 2006

Peter Niederlag wrote: on 04.12.2006 08:52:

>> Additionally, I wonder if it's possible that I will send you a checked out 
>> version including the .svn directories. Andreas, would this contain any 
>> user-specific information? Probably this would be a good kickstart for your 
>> system, and updating would work fine after that...?
> As far as I know *no* user specific information is contained in '.svn'
> directories. I have tried to move checkouts from user a to user b and it
> worked out very nice! (this is another 'why svn is more powerfull than
> cvs' thingies)

The user-specific information seems to be stored in $HOME/.subversion/.
For example .subversion/auth/svn.simple/* (the user/password, in
cleartext...). So never share *this* directory, but ok for the working
copy! ;)


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