[TYPO3-core] RFC: XHTML compliance of GMENU with onmouseover images (#874)

Sebastian Kurfuerst sebastian at garbage-group.de
Sat Nov 12 10:51:52 CET 2005

This is a CVS patch request.

Type: (Bugfix / New feature / Code cleanup)
=> Bugfix

Currently a GMENU is transformed into links like:
<a onmouseover="over('...')" onmouseout="over('...')" href="..."><img
name="..." .../></a>
The "name" attribute in the <img> tag is not allowed in XHTML 1.1, the
proper replacement is the "id" attribute.

- use 'id' instead of 'name' in tslib/class.tslib_menu.php
- fallback to getElementById(name) in the generated javascript, so that
IE will find the img we are referring to

Branches: (HEAD / TYPO3_3-8 / TYPO3_3-7)

Bugtracker reference:
=> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=874

Greets, Sebastian
Sebastian Kurfuerst
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