[TYPO3-core] TCEForms: <label> tags around icons for moving/deleting repetitive Flexform items

Sebastian Kurfuerst sebastian at garbage-group.de
Tue Nov 8 16:09:37 CET 2005

Hi Ingmar,

maybe users find it confusing that they click on a text and the button
changes... The mouse pointer doesn't change in firefox (which makes
sense IMO), but some action happens. Anyways, changing the mouse pointer
is not good because in IE, nothing happens then...

I think your patch doesn't impose problems, it think just that this is
some kind of "hidden" feature many users won't discover. - but it makes
sense to make an icon clickable, but I am not sure if the label-tag
should be used everywhere because of the reasons above.



Sebastian Kurfuerst

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