[TYPO3-core] RFC: Small change in tmpl->linkData

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Wed Nov 2 21:40:28 CET 2005

Hey Kasper,

>> > I'm pretty sure I depend on type being an integer too many places.
> Taking a look inside tslib_fe ->type is forced to an integer all over the
> place! That is usually a good hint that the system is relying on an
> integer...

I don't know if it's worth to argue about it anymore, but of course I am
aware of this!

The function makeSimulFileName uses $type (not $this->type!) but it could be
any other key because this is just the 3rd part of the simulated filename.
It does NOT touch the internal type value in any way!

>> OK, here is an alternative solution that forces the value to become an
>> integer in $GLOBALS['TSFE']->makeSimulFileName. This way I don't need to
>> XCLASS the whole linkData function just because of this single line. I
>> hope you will accept it, thanks.
> Why will this solve your problem? ANYWHERE in tslib_fe the type value is
> int'ed and it will not help you doing this I think!

I've made an XCLASS of tslib_fe that simply replaces the makeSimulFileName.

> I also believe you misuse the type parameter for what it is not designed.

Again, this does not touch the internal "type" property of tslib_fe!

> Actually, you could just make your own implementation of
> simulateStaticDocument in the same way realurl does it (using that hook).

Interesting, right. However, I don't like this postProc hook very much
because it slows down the link generation with redundant stuff. However,
you are right, this is probably the only way for me (the extension may
become a core feature if there is enough interest?) to go... :-(

Regards, michael
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