[TYPO3-mvc] Extbase/FLOW3 Performance

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Wed Feb 22 10:19:54 CET 2012

Stefan Frömken wrote:

Hi Stefan,

thanks for your detailed feedback. Claus & Stefan replied to most of 
your comments already, so just a note regarding Fluid:

> I have breaked down table generation in fluid up to td/th partials. So I
> have a partial for the table, one for tr and a very often called partial
> for td/th parts. In TYPO3 4.5 showing this result is 3 seconds slower
> than viewing it with TYPO3 4.6. I have merged all these partials into
> one big partial now and it was over 5 seconds faster now.

With 1.4 (in TYPO3 4.6+) Fluid received a new feature: Static PHP 
caching [1]. With this the performance hit when using loads of partials, 
layouts & sections is mostly negligible.
There are already efforts to backport this to TYPO3 4.5 (see [2]).

Regarding performance in general: I have had the chance to get an 
insight into quite a lot of "real-world" Extbase extensions in the 
meantime and it turns out that the performance can often be increased 
tremendously by restructuring the domain model. It might sound quixotic, 
but if the layers of abstraction are separated properly (no business 
logic in controllers & views, simple templates, ...) the extension 
usually performs better by itself. Besides it makes it much easier to 
add performance-boosters lateron and make better use of TYPO3s caching 
mechanisms (e.g. you can make an action cacheable and load dynamic parts 
via AJAX).

I'm not saying that we do not need to improve the performance of Extbase 
& Fluid too, of course ;)


[1] http://blog.sandstorm-media.de/2011/07/fluid-static-php-caching/

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