[TYPO3-mvc] odd relational issue with attach

Toke Herkild th at t3cms.dk
Mon Feb 20 11:07:56 CET 2012

Hi All,

I've an Action in which I try to add a range of childs to their parent, 
and it works brilliantly with the first Item but when adding the next 
the relation to the first item gets reset.

public function genericAction(TModel $Amodel){
   $childRepo = new t_dom_repo_Repository;
   $child = $this->obejctManager->create('TModel_Child');
   // Add Defaults to child

   // Code Forward/Redirect

First time I do this everything seems to work like a charm, though 
second the Parent_Uid of the first child relation, gets set to 0.

I've tried adding persistence too, and no difference.

Any Ideas ?

Toke Herkild

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