[TYPO3-mvc] extbase and workspaces/versioning

Felix Oertel f at oer.tel
Mon Feb 20 10:47:22 CET 2012

Hey Patrick,

Am 16.02.12 10:51, schrieb Patrick Schriner:
> Non-surprisingly (I was suspecting the patch to be "a little bit too
> simple") it wasn't accepted immediately, although I encountered no
> issues when using extbase with version / workspaces in frontend and
> backend context with this patch.

I am sorry, that I did not communicate about this clear enough. Please 
don't think your patch was in any way too small or not worth it! We are 
very thankful for any contribution. Thanks for putting your thoughts and 
time in Extbase!

The problem was more, that your patch didn't solve the problem 
completely and I was aiming for a complete solution. That was my fault 
and now I think "what's in, is in" and we can refine it later. ;-)

The biggest problem in dealing with workspaces is the selection of 
records. All we do at the moment is overlaying *after* we've selected 
the records. But that does not work.

Imaginge two Records "A" and "B". In the workspace "A"'s title is 
changed to "C(A)". We will select them from the DB ordered by title
[A, B]
then overlay and get
[C(A), B] instead of [B, C(A)].

Even worse: "A" is deleted in the workspace. We select from the original 
DB with LIMIT 1
then overlay and get
[] instead of [B].

So what we really have to do is to alter the selection of records. A lot 
of work was put into this already and I hope we can get this done at the 
Codesprint happening in March.

Anyway, this was just for insight ... thanks for solving one of the many 
problems we have. ;-)

regards, foertel
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