[TYPO3-mvc] [RFC] Keeping FLOW3 Compatibility

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Tue Feb 14 17:14:36 CET 2012

Hi folks,

On 13.02.12 06:41, Sebastian Kurfürst wrote:

> It's a matter of time. The FLOW3 / Phoenix team in itself has very many
> deadlines and ambitious goals and we are only very few active people.
> It's certainly not bad-will.

for me this roughly sums up my position. I can fully understand Felix
and other's positions but in the end the Phoenix / FLOW3 team is under
quite some pressure and has very limited resources.

In my opinion the focus for Extbase should lie on making it a
performant, secure and easy to use solution with the feature set it has
today. We shouldn't be religuos (anymore) about the compatability to
FLOW3 because I have few hope that we can keep up with it in the long term.

And that's what striks me most: I usually see the same people again and
again who work hard in their very limited spare time (and that includs
most of you in this thread) and there must be thousands of users out
there, taking advantage of Extbase, who complain about this and that

I currently don't see any features and probably only few bug fixes at
the moment which we could port from Extbase to FLOW3, so we should
concentrate on stabilizing Extbase and probably backporting the one or
other line of code from FLOW3. Personally I'd love to help you guys to
keep Extbase in shape, but as most of my team mates, I just can't. I
have very few experience with Extbase and just can't afford the time to
do more. We need to deliver a CMS soon.

Anyway, we need to discuss the proposals from this thread in the next
meeting. I appreciate your work and I wish that more people would join
your effort. After all there is some money in the budget to fix Extbase
issues, even bigger ones – let's see if we can buy some time from an
experienced Extbase dev.


Robert Lemke

Lead Developer TYPO3 Phoenix and FLOW3
Co-Founder TYPO3 Association

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