[TYPO3-mvc] [RFC] Keeping FLOW3 Compatibility

Sebastian Kurfürst sebastian at typo3.org
Mon Feb 13 06:41:27 CET 2012

Hey Felix,

thanks again for voicing your concerns here!

While I like very much that we are doing an open discussion now, I have
the feeling that you are quite frustrated about the whole collaboration,
criticizing the way it works currently (where you certainly raised some
valid points!). However, I'd even more like to see more constructive
ideas on how we can *improve* collaboration in the future.

IMHO it does not help if we criticize things and do not provide
alternative solutions.

The point I'm trying to raise is also not about you personally, but I've
seen it quite often in the TYPO3 Community so far: People often
criticize, but rarely offer some alternatives for the future after their
critique. I've also done that some times in the past, but I'm trying to
change that ;)

So, I'd like to propose one rule for productive mailing-list discussions:

    *If you criticize some thing, try to propose an alternative solution
for the future*.

This way, discussions should have the general tone "how can we improve
in the future" instead of "what all went wrong in the past".

> Even on the Code-Sprint Berlin 2011 (meant to be "Transition Days 2")
> nothing even remotely happend in this direction. The v5 team was busy
> working on the T3CON website all by theirself.
It's a matter of time. The FLOW3 / Phoenix team in itself has very many
deadlines and ambitious goals and we are only very few active people.
It's certainly not bad-will.

> One hand washes the other. We have a lot of work to do ourselves, so I
> don't think it's asked too much, to split work on the hole "in
> sync"-thing more equally.
I  fully agree. See my other email on some ideas how we might be able to
solve it :)


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