[TYPO3-mvc] [RFC] Make 4.7 run with 4.5 LTS?

Felix Oertel the at extbase.pro
Sun Feb 12 10:24:13 CET 2012


Am 12.02.12 09:33, schrieb Claus Due:
> There is one case though, which I run into constantly at work and which would be truly nice to have handled natively:
> On an almost monthly basis I run into customers requiring 4.5 but not needing Extbase/Fluid for anything other than one single extension. As an integrator/developer it annoys me extremely, that the only reason I am not able to override the system extensions Extbase/Fluid is that nobody made a tiny effort to make the caching framework implementations compatible.

Yah, as mentioned, I see the problem and do not doubt it. Actually in my 
extbase teachings, I teach based on master so they get frustrated when 
they can't use that features as well. ;-)

> My vote is a clear no on this external approach. There are a few reasons for this:

We have a different definition of "few", really. ;-)

> 1) The compatibility is non-invasive. It does not change any current behavior, nor does it negatively affect performance. It is completely ignored on 4.6 - as stated by the Caching Framework guide [1] - which also happens by the way to use some deprecated stuff but that's another discussion.
> 2) The blockers were absolutely tiny. A missing try-catch and additional config that is only recognized by 4.5 anyway.
> 3) The compatibility requires zero maintenance. It's done, LTS won't change.
> 6) My customers - and your customers - could benefit from it which means it already has practical merit.

For me that sound reasonable but does not put an internal solution over 
an external.

> 5) ext_emconf.php even warns you not to install.

good catch

> 4) It is absolutely clear to anybody in their right mind, that if you install a Git master version of some core extension you risk messing your TYPO3 up and should always know that you are breaking the "rules".
> 7) I think it makes sense to have this compatibility, with no responsibility of course, but included in the master so people will not have to patch and can even keep their Git clones updated if they wish it.

Yeah, one would think. ;-) From my experience, as soon as you commit 
this to master, people will expect this to fully work on 4.5 LTS. As 
soon as things break, people will complain about "I was told LTS will 
work forever."

So telling them "It is not intended to work with 4.5", they will ask you 
"Why did you make it work, then?". IMHO we take implicit responsibility 
by making it work on 4.5.

Our idea was not having them to keep their own git updated but to 
provide an additional, explicitly marked "unsupported" extension 
(probably even via t3x) for them to fecth from some non-official source.

> I can't imagine anybody could rationally assume otherwise?

But you do imaging that all that people are rationally. ;-)

Of course, just our oppinion and this will be a team descission. So 
let's hear some more people and then decide ...

regards, foertel
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