[TYPO3-mvc] [RFC] Make 4.7 run with 4.5 LTS?

Stefan Neufeind typo3.neufeind at speedpartner.de
Sun Feb 12 10:25:03 CET 2012

On 02/12/2012 10:19 AM, Sebastian Kurfürst wrote:
> Hey everybody,
>> My vote is a clear no on this external approach. There are a few reasons for this:
> I agree with Claus; I also think if it's so easy for us to make it
> possible we can make that possible... However we won't promise anything,
> that is, we won't support running a newer version of Extbase with an
> older TYPO3 version.
>> 4) It is absolutely clear to anybody in their right mind, that if you install a Git master version of some core extension you risk messing your TYPO3 up and should always know that you are breaking the "rules".
>> 5) ext_emconf.php even warns you not to install.
>> 6) My customers - and your customers - could benefit from it which means it already has practical merit.
>> 7) I think it makes sense to have this compatibility, with no responsibility of course, but included in the master so people will not have to patch and can even keep their Git clones updated if they wish it.
> +1 :-) couldn't have formulated it better!

To put my vote/voice again here:
+1 for having it in the official version (as Claus suggested).


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