[TYPO3-mvc] Property / relation problem

Alexander Dick typo3 at dick.at
Fri Feb 3 14:34:35 CET 2012

Am 03.02.2012 14:11, schrieb Claus Due:
>> 3) in order to have the field in the backend working, I have to change the foreign_table to static_countries (because tx_xxx_domain_model_staticcountry is only a dummy table and thus empty).
> When you save manually through Extbase is the field in DB filled?

Yes it's filled correctly.

> And the TS mapping info for the table (which is active when saving through Extbase) - could that be affecting how the target table is resolved and because of that how Extbase tries to load the Country?

Hmm actually I don't know how extbase resolves that mapping.
In theory mapping.tableName has to be used for read and write operations 
of that model.

But it seems that it's not able to read out the records, because uuidMap 
for Tx_Xxx_Domain_Model_StaticCountry is empty.

This is driving me nuts.
I am very close to writing a country ViewHelper that transforms the UID 
in the actual country name...

> This really does sound like a mapping configuration problem and I'm afraid this isn't an area I have much experience with.
> Cheers,
> Claus

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